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Mina Eve is a Pop, R&B singer/songwriter from the Bronx, New York.  Mina Eve's target audience is young teens and adults going through tough life situations.  Mina hopes to inspire people of all ages who are struggling with difficult life challenges and encourage them to hold on and draw positivity from any experience.  It is important that people learn from their mistakes and trust the process.

Mina Eve discovered her passion for music when she was only seven years old one day as she was singing in her Church.  Mina Eve loved the reaction from the congregation and naturally was drawn to the center stage.
Mina Eve's passion for music would intensify the more she would be exposed.  Mina began practicing on her craft daily and learning about the business of music gradually.  One of Mina Eve's mentors growing up was Mr. Harris because he encouraged Mina to pursue her passion in music and pushed her to improve constantly.  Mina Eve truly understood how important it was to have people in your corner who believe in you for inspiration and now Mina Eve "pays it forward" by teaching the youth what she learned along the way by way of an organization named Music With a Message (M.W.A.M).  Mina Eve would tour with M.W.A.M band of youth and spread positive renditions of cover songs and create original compositions with great vibes.

Mina Eve has had the opportunity to perform at the Lincoln Stage for the "Women’s of the World Event, Yankee stadium and Carnegie Hall to name a few.   Mina Eve's dream is to spread positivity and encouragement to young people around the world by sharing her voice, ideas and experiences.  Today Mina Eve pursues her solo music career and is very excited to see what the world has to offer while pursuing her dream.




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