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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a consistent, indie platform for artist & musicians to help them refine their artistry and share their passion with others while being introduced to the entertainment industry.

​About Us

Talent Tonight was founded by AJ. Avanno in October of 2011. Aj. Avanno had a vision that soon after took a mind of its own. The idea of Talent Tonight began with a Speed Dating event for single men and women called International Date Night that featured underground singers as an ice breaker show case for the singles to enjoy. It was not long before singers and hip hop artists swarmed the events inbox and voicemail with request to participate at the singles greeters. Aj. Avanno knew then that music was what he needed to be doing.  ​

​He enjoyed providing a platform for artist to help them with their artistry.  Talent Tonight was born and soon became public with its first official event on November 2, 2011. Initially Talent Tonight began as a competition where an incredibly talented singer by the name of “Yoshi thetalent” took home the first win at Cafe Remy in Bay Ridge, Aj. Avanno believed in Yoshi thetalent’s ability to captivate a crowd so much that he began to manage her as a solo artist with the assistance of his co-manager Michael Jaden. Although this business arrangement was short lived, Aj. Avanno learned a lot from this experience.

Earlier that year, Talent Tonight hosted an event called the Rising Star Awards, where hip hop artist “G Da Great” took home the big win at Amarachi Lounge in Bed Stuy, after challenging Talent Tonight’s compilation of talented champions of all genres, which was judged by veteran managers, musicians, producers, song writers and singers. This was an eye opener for Aj. Avanno. He began to truly appreciate the diversity of talent that touched the stage and the ongoing possibilities if this talent had the proper outlets accessible to them to share their talent with the world.

Aj. Avanno soon after constructed a group of musicians he later named Band Genre with the help of his sister Khadijah. In the band was lead singers Yoshi thetalent, Ishmael Levi and Angel Antonio as lead singers along with a large group of talented musicians. Band Genre was designed to reflect the broad nature of Talent Tonight and serve as a crowd pleaser and did so for many months before Aj. Avanno realized that his desire was to focus his full attention on Talent Tonight and establishing his platform for all artists to benefit.

Aj. Avanno knew that he would need help if he was to impact the careers of these talented artists. He soon assembled a team of dedicated music lovers referred to as the “truepromotions team.” This dedicated group of visionaries assisted in the growth of Talent Tonight to what it is today. Today, Talent Tonight no longer conducts talent competitions. It was established after the Rising Star Awards that talent should be rewarded, not judged. Talent Tonight is now a multi-talented event where only the best of the best are featured all the time. Talent Tonight aspires to host Colleges and Industry tours and one day open its very own Theater, escorting great talent right into mainstream.​​