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Code c life



Sunday  July 28th 2019 | 3pm | 22 East 30th Street New York, NY 10016 | Presented by "The Healing Circle"

​​​Hip Hop Artist

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Transforming Visions into Reality
Code C Life presence is electric, he sets the stage on fire each and every time he steps foot on stage!  Every once in a while, an artist arrives whose star qualities are obvious from the moment you lay eyes on them.  Code C is a lyricist, rapper and song writer all intertwined with an incredible fashion sense.  With acting and entertainment also being one of his many gifts.  Code C Life ability entertain an audience is consistent.  Code C Life meaning "Cheat Code or All Access" displays a variety of different rap styles that places him ahead of the class and next in line to make it big.  Code C Life uses catchy hooks, heart felt rhymes, surreal metaphors and powerful lyrics to stimulate his fans minds while making them dance.  Code C Life's sound is fluid and dreamlike.  Much Like Code C's music, Code-C’s personality has a great range of colors, textures, and contradictions which keep his fans guessing.  His unique style sets him apart from everyone else.  Code C Life  is a trendsetter and from the moment you lay eyes on him you will know right away that he is a superstar!  Full of life, zest, charisma, and charm, Code C Life lights up any room he walks in.  Code C Life is also a very humble person which only adds to his appeal, he is a East Coast rapper with a spiritual southern soul.  He has perfected his craft and has all the ingredients needed to be a rock star.  Code C Life is ready for the world and has all the cheat the codes to success.

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